With our busy schedules, kids, family and work taking up so much of our time, it is Scrapbooking that always comes last. We tend to categorise our needs and as mums we come last.  So the same happened with me.  I was blessed with a Scrapbooking shop and supportive family but a wonderful opportunity came up for my husband and I made the choice to support him now.  So I went back to the family business and enjoying it so much.  My attention shifted and I had to make a choice between Scrapbooking kits and the online store.  Online is a lot of work!!! And that takes time away from what I love.... embellishing my memories of people I love.  So the online store will be on the side more as an order what you ask for than keeping it up full time.  I will still order products and place it under "WHATS NEW" if I am not using it for kits but my main focus will be on my kits.   Products can be ordered via The Wholesaler and you can choose me as your shop of choice.  Remember I will give you much better prices than advertised.  Please feel free to contact me via email scrap@xsinet.co.za if you need more information.  You may also follow me via facebook https://www.facebook.com/Scrapndippity-353822774688618/?ref=bookmarks  Hope to scrap with you soon!